News 2011

31. December 2011

New call for NSF Nordic Research Opportunity 2012

In 2009 the DNRF entered into a cooperative agreement with the NSF, providing an opportunity for graduate research fellows funded by the NSF to spend up to a year at a DNRF Center of Excellence. The agreement is aimed at strengthening the internationalization of the Centers of Excellence and, at the same time, offering American […]

20. December 2011

One of the ten most important breakthroughs in physics in 2011 comes from Dark Cosmology Center

Astronomers from the Dark Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute have developed a groundbreaking method for measuring long distances in the universe using light from quasars. Read more here

28. November 2011

What happened before Big Bang?

Associate Professor Martin Snoager Sloth from Centre for Particle Physics Phenomenology (CP3-Origins) receives DKK 10 m from the Lundbeck Foundation. Read more here

21. November 2011

Predicting future threats for global amphibian biodiversity

Amphibian populations are declining worldwide, and their declines far exceed those of other animal groups: more than 30% of all species are listed as threatened according to the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Multiple factors threaten global amphibian diversity but the spatial distribution of these threats and their […]

17. November 2011

The highest award of CAS for international collaborations

Professor Flemming Besenbacher, Danish-Chinese Centre for Self-Assembly and Function of Molecular Nanostructures on Surface, achieves the “Award for International Scientific Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences”. The award is given due to outstanding contributions to science and technology and enthusiastic collaboration with CAS. Professor Flemming Beseenbacher is invited to Beijing to attend the Award-Presenting […]

17. November 2011

NSF Nordic Research Opportunity: Information for applicants

The Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) announces the Nordic Research Opportunity in collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF), enabling Graduate Research Fellows to carry out research visits for periods of 2 to 12 months at the DNRF Centers of Excellence, including the 11 new Centers of Excellence that will start operating from January 2012. […]

10. November 2011

New international research network headed by Center Leader Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen in Northern Europe

National Science Foundation grants 5 mio. USD to international research network in mathematics with Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces as a Northern European hub

27. October 2011

Celebrating 20 Years of Funding Excellent Research

DNRF celebrates its 20th anniversary on October 28 2011

25. October 2011

Tracing the first North American hunters

Research results from Center for GeoGentics show that the North American prehistory and the hunt for large mammals occurred at least 1,000 years before previously assumed. The results are published in ‘Science’.

11. October 2011

Researchers from ‘Glass and Time’ publish in Nature Physics

New research results from Centre for Viscous Liquid Dynamics (Glass and Time) show that it is possible to predict the behavior of a fluid under high pressure. The results are published in Nature Physics. Read more here

10. October 2011

Light from galaxy clusters confirm theory of relativity

Astrophysicists at the Dark Cosmology Centre (DARK) have managed to measure how the light is affected by gravity on its way out of galaxy clusters. The results have been published in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature. Read more here

23. September 2011

Aboriginals get new history

Researchers from the Center for GeoGenetics have pieced together the human genome from an Aboriginal Australian. The results are now to be published in ‘Science’. Read more here

8. September 2011

The Lundbeck Foundation’s Junior Group Leader award

Emil Bjerrum-Bohr from Center for Particle Physics (Discovery) has been awarded DKK 10m by the Lundbeck Foundation

24. August 2011

Researchers from Center for GeoGenetics publish in Nature

Researchers from Center for GeoGenetics publish in Nature

22. August 2011

Center for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism publishes in Molecular Cell

Center for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism publishes in Molecular Cell

19. August 2011

Extreme gamma radiation from black hole in a distant galaxy

Researchers from the Dark Cosmology Center have observed an extremely powerful burst of gamma radiation in a distant galaxy

16. August 2011

Centre for Epigenetics has participated in the investigation of an important molecule involved in the regulation of blood cell proliferation

Scientists at Centre for Epigenetics contribute to the discovery of a mechanism that leads to leukemia

9. August 2011

Center for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism publishes in Nature SMB

Center for mRNP Biogenesis and Metabolism publishes in Nature SMB

5. August 2011

Large Variations in Arctic Sea Ice

New results from Center for GeoGenetics show that the Polar Ice is much less stable than previously thought. Read more about the results here

17. June 2011

PhD student Christina Halgren had a great debut as opening speaker at the European Human Genetics Conference 2011

Ph.D. student Christina Halgren from Wilhelm Johansen Centre was with her abstract selected to open the conference ’European Human Genetics Conference 2011’. Read more here

16. June 2011

DKK 9m grant from the American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency

Center for Quantum Optics (Quantop) receives a grant of DKK 9m from the American Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Read the Center’s press release here (Danish)

24. May 2011

Species loss revisited

Center leader Carsten Rahbek from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEG) is publishing in Nature in collaboration with Professor Robert K. Colwell

24. May 2011

Looking inside nanomaterials in three dimensions

Scientists from Centre for Metal Structures in Four Dimensions are publishing in ‘Science’ in collaboration with scientists from China and USA

24. May 2011

Scientists reveal new basic knowledge of cell membranes

Researchers from Centre for Membrane Pumps in Cells and Disease and Center for Insoluble Protein Structures have a joint publication in ‘Nature Communications’

28. April 2011

The Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation hands out award for excellent research communication

Center leader Eske Willerslev from Center for GeoGenetics receives award for excellent research communication

28. April 2011

Researchers in Professor Kristian Helin’s group are publishing in Nature

New results from Center for Epigenetics brings us a crucial step closer to an understanding of, how certain types of cancer develops. The results are published in the journal Nature

5. April 2011

Don Canfield: Newly elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

Center Leader Don Canfield elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

11. March 2011

Oil droplets mimic early life

Associate Professor Martin Hanczyc from Center for Fundamental Living Technologies mentioned in Nature News

7. March 2011

Prestigious European award to Center Leader Don Canfield

Center Leader Don Canfield receives the Urey Award for his contributions to geochemistry

22. February 2011

Prestigious European grant to Center Leader Jens Stougaard

Center Leader Jens Stougaard receives ERC grant

22. February 2011

Center Leader Jesper Wengel receives ERC grant of DKK 18.7 m

Center Leader Jesper Wengel receives prestigious ERC grant

21. February 2011

Fierce Competition in the 7th Application Round

The board has reviewed outline proposals for the 7th round

10. February 2011

Expectations to new science results from Centre for Ice and Climate

Nature lists NEEM, an international reseach project that Centre for Ice and Climate is part of, first in their New Year review of key findings and events that can emerge from the research world in 2011

27. January 2011

The Danish EliteForsk Prize

Center leader Bo Brummerstedt Iversen and center leader Eske Willerslev are among the five researchers that this year receive the Danish EliteForsk Prize

14. January 2011

Prestigious Norwegian prize in physics to Mogens Høgh Jensen from Center for Models of Life

Professor Mogens Høgh Jensen from Center for Models of Life is awarded the Norwegian Gunnar Randers Research Prize 2011