Centre for DNA Nanotechnology (CDNA)

Centre for DNA Nanoteknology (CDNA) aims at solving one of the greatest challenges in nanotechnology: to construct devices with nano-scale building blocks. Researchers at CDNA are trying to solve this problem by using Nature’s information molecule, DNA, to assemble nano-scale building blocks. DNA is programmable, and by attaching DNA to the building blocks, they are encoded to self-assemble into the desired structure.

The center studies both fundamental aspects of self-assembly (Science 2008) and self-assembly of very complex systems with up to 500,000 atoms. By use of the so-called DNA origami technique, a DNA box with a controllable lid was assembled (Nature 2009), and it has also been demonstrated that DNA origami can be used to control and image chemical reactions of single molecules (Nature Nanotechnology 2010). The center is interdisciplinary with researchers from chemistry, molecular biology and physics at iNANO, Aarhus University, and it also involves two research groups from USA.