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9. March 2017

CP3-scientist Heidi Rzehak’s work has been selected for Elsevier’s Virtual Special Issue on Women in Physics 2017

Just announced on March 8, 2017, CP³-scientist Heidi Rzehak‘s work A review of Higgs mass calculations in supersymmetric models has been selected for Elsevier’s Virtual Special Issue on Women in Physics 2017. Center leader at CP3 Origins Francesco Sannino says: “We could not be prouder of Heidi, especially given that the news was given on the […]

3. March 2017

Center leader Bo Barker Jørgensen receives the A.C. Redfield Award for his substantial scientific influence

Leader of the DNRF’s Center for Geomicrobiology at Aarhus University, professor Bo Barker Jørgensen has been awarded the prestigious A.C. Redfield Award. The prize, which is awarded by the ‘Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography’ (ASLO), is a prize for world-class scientists. See more via Jyllands-Posten (in Danish) In their announcement about the choice of center […]

24. February 2017

The Elite Forsk awards 2017

February 23, 2017 the prestigious EliteForsk prizes were awarded at Glyptoteket. Among the recepients of the 1.2 million DKK were center leader from ICourts, professor Mikael Rask Madsen and professor Søren Galatius from Center for Symmetry og Deformation (SYM). ”The Danish National Research Foundation congratulates on the award. Mikael Rask Madsen has in the first five years of […]

15. February 2017

Professor Poul Nissen receives the 2017 Novo Nordisk Prize

Poul Nissen, Professor at Aarhus University, is receiving the 2017 Novo Nordisk Prize for his pioneering studies of the structure and function of ion pumps. Through his research, Poul Nissen has clarified in detail, among other things, how ions and nutrients are transported into and out of cells. This fundamental knowledge is very significant for […]

6. February 2017

Niels Bohr Professor David Needham moves to SDU Health Faculty

David Needham and his research group have obtained basic research results at a level that now allows the group to proceed to test their ideas in environments closer to patients. The Department of Molecular Medicine, IMM, at the SDU Health Faculty has a long experience of translational medical research, and the switch from the SDU […]

2. February 2017

Here are the six new Niels Bohr Professors

The following six highly recognized researchers have been invited to contract negotiations with the DNRF: Niels Bohr Professor: Rita Felski, University of Virginia Uses of Literature: The Social Dimensions of Literature. Host professor: Anne Marie Mai, University of Southern Denmark Read more via University of Southern Denmark (in Danish) The Niels Bohr professorship is expected to develop new analytical […]

15. November 2016

Possibility of supplemental funding for NSF research fellows at the Centers of Excellence

We call attention to the deadline of December 5, 2016, for applying to the NSF program Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) The program provides an opportunity for graduate research fellows funded by the NSF to spend up to a year at a DNRF Center of Excellence. The NSF finances students’ scholarships and travel expenses, while […]

12. November 2016

SPOC have been awarded large Horizon Prize in the field of Optical Transmission technologies

Researchers from Centre for Silicon Photonics for Optical Communications (SPOC) have been awarded the prestigous Horizon Prize of 500.000 Euro for technology which enables optic data transmissioin with ultra high capacity and large energy- and cost savings. Senior researcher Hao Hu is seen in the photo reveiving the award. Center leader Leif Oxenløwe says: ”Receiving […]

12. November 2016

The DNRF’s 25th Anniversary celebration November 4, 2016

On November 4, 2016, the DNRF celebrated its 25th anniversary in the Black Diamond. Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs’ speech We depend on the Elite Read Chair and professor Liselotte Højgaard’s speach Read Director and professor Søren-Peter Olesen’s speach Program Minister for Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs and Permanent secretary Agnete Gersing […]

12. November 2016

The DNRF’s 25th Anniversary

Read about the celebration at the Black Diamond